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Burberry Blankos

The Burberry Blanko and accessories collection are available to buy now as part of a limited drop on Blankos Block Party.

B Series: Burberry Blanko

Burberry is proud to introduce its new series of NFTs for its continuing partnership with Mythical Games for their flagship title, Blankos Block Party, a multiplayer party game featuring digital vinyl toys known as Blankos.

Burberry’s belief in the power of community and open spaces is brought to life through a bespoke virtual setting where players of Blankos Block Party can come together to form a creative community, connect and enjoy the party with our Minny B Blanko and accessories collection.
B Series Burberry Blankos

B Series Burberry Blankos

As one of the first luxury brands to feature in the game, Burberry’s second partnership with Mythical Games reflects our long-standing spirit of digital innovation, whilst empowering Blankos players with the freedom to go beyond, for themselves and their virtual communities.

The character and accessories are available to buy now through Blankos Block Party.
B Series Burberry Blankos

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